Over 26 Years of Experience

Floyd L. Lamrouex, Attorney at Law has extensive experience with business and commercial litigation, estate planning and probate and business entity establishment. Floyd's diverse experience translates to a vast knowledge of the legal field. Floyd has over 26 years of experience, a strong professional reputation and a highly trained and experienced legal staff. His dedicated staff supports the effectiveness of his office and the work he does.

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Floyd L. Lamrouex will be there every step of the way

Floyd Lamrouex will be there for you when you need assistance with business and commercial litigation, estate planning and probate and business entity establishment. Floyd is a highly-regarded San Antonio attorney with over 26 years of experience. He is selective about the cases he takes on so his caseload never detracts from his commitment to each client. His office in San Antonio is ready to assist you with all your legal needs. Floyd L. Lamrouex and his team have the experience and dedication needed to provide you with expert advice and legal counsel.

Business and Commercial Litigation

Let Floyd help ensure your success

For over a quarter century, Floyd has represented businessmen and women in the San Antonio area in matters of business and commercial litigation. With over 26 years of experience, Floyd L. Lamrouex can assist in a variety of business and commercial matters. Floyd will give you the guidance you need while providing you with legal services you can trust. Call Floyd L. Lamrouex with any questions or to arrange for a consultation. Your first hour is free! (210) 656-3131

Estate Planning & Probate

Floyd knows these processes well

The planning and administration of your estate are both too important to leave in the care of just any attorney. Floyd understands that every person's family and financial situation is different. He pays keen attention to your individual needs as he prepares plans to ensure that they will be executed to your specifications. Floyd knows the right questions to ask before drafting your documents so that they will be administered properly when the time comes.