About Floyd L. Lamrouex, Attorney at Law

Floyd L. Lamrouex

Floyd L. Lamrouex is an attorney with 32 years of experience in Commercial Litigation, Business Entities, Estate Planning and Probate.

When it comes to business and commercial litigation and business entities, Floyd can help you with paperwork, decision making and legal proceedings. These murky waters should never be navigated alone, which can take exponentially more time and money than you care to invest. Although positive outcomes can never be guaranteed, matters entrusted to Mr. Lamrouex are carefully and professionally handled to maximize the likelihood of a reasonable outcome.

In matters of estate planning, Floyd's philosophy is simple. He believes that after the loss of a loved one, after the loss of a loved one, Floyd advises that every family take care of themselves first for a few months to deal with the grieving process, and then address the estate planning issues.

Mr. Lamrouex believes estate plans should be manageable by family members or trusted friends, without the need for professional administration.

Lamar Cravens

Lamar Cravens

Lamar Cravens, has 25 years experience running USAID programs in the Middle East. His focus is on international skills. Lamar is also fluent in Russian, Arabic, semi-fluent in Spanish.