About Floyd L. Lamrouex, Attorney at Law

Who We Are

Who We Are

Floyd L. Lamrouex is an attorney with 29 years of experience in general law practice, with an emphasis on business and commercial litigation, estate planning and probate and business entities.

When it comes to business and commercial litigation and business entities, Floyd can help you with paperwork, decision making and legal proceedings. These murky waters should never be navigated alone, which can take exponentially more time and money than you care to invest. Although positive outcomes can never be guaranteed, matters entrusted to Mr. Lamrouex are carefully and professionally handled to maximize the likelihood of a reasonable outcome.

In matters of estate planning, Floyd's philosophy is simple. He believes that after the loss of a loved one, every estate plan should ensure a seamless transition of the family's financial resources with minimal or no disruption.

Mr. Lamrouex believes estate plans should be manageable by family members or trusted friends, without the need for professional administration.